Microtack Industrial Strength Compost Activator.
The Natural Solution The Natural Solution
The Natural Solution

Industrial Strength Compost Activator

Microtack® Compost Activator is a synergistically blend of natural beneficial microbes, vitamins, marco and micro nutrients, amino acids, selected minerals and enzymes for both effectiveness in degrading organic matter, and help speed up the natural compost processes effectively.




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Microtack® Compost Activator should be mixed thoroughly with the organic  waste and sprinkled lightly over each layer as it is added. Organic materials are frequently collected in bins, piles or row for composting. The compost  pile should  be straight-sided, located preferably in a damp, shady place and  kept  moist but not saturated enough to leach soluble nutrients. Hose down dry materials when constructing the pile and check moisture content frequently.

Application rate:
To compost in piles or bins start with 1,000 kg of organic material. Moisten the material with water to consistency of  a squeezed out sponge. For every 1,000 kg, mix 100 gram of Microtack® Compost Activator in 20 liters of water.  Blend the pre mixed liquid into the moistened material. The rate of decay may be accelerated by turning and mixing the pile.

Organic matter can be composed into humus before disking it into the soil. However, if organic materials are plowed into soil prior to degradation, Microtack® Compost Activator can be broadcast over the materials before plowing.

Direct garden Application:
Broadcast 100 gram over 1,000 kgs of organic material and plow directly into the garden soil. Moisten the dry soil after plowing to accelerate compost action.

Physical characteristics:
Appearance: Medium tan, free flowing powder with fermented odor.
Effective temperature: Min. 20, Max. 60 °C
Carbon/Nitrogen: Min. 10:1, Max. 20:1
Shelf life: Min. 2 years
Do not use in the presence of acids or caustics.

Storage condition:
For optimal shelf life, the product is best stored in cool areas under 38 °C. Do not direct in sunlight.  Keep container tightly closed  when  the product  is not  being  removed  the container.

See above storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Package size:
500 grams per bottle, 12 and 32 bottles per carton and 40 kilogram drum.

Private labeling is also available.

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