Unpleasant Odor from Compost Heap.
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The Natural Solution
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1. Unpleasant odor from compost heap
  Not enough oxygen due to compaction.

Not enough oxygen due to over watering.


Require to Aerate.

Add more carbon materials to over watering, such as cornstalks, soak up excess water.

Also improve aeration.


2. Compost heap not heating up


Mix in a nitrogen invariably a heap that does not heat up or decay quickly enough is made from materials too low in nitrogen. Nitrogen is a principle nutrient microorganisms need.

Not enough moisture

source such as fresh grass clippings, or Microtack® Compost activator and rotate the drum several times.

Stick a garden hose down into the pile in several locations and water or poke holes into the pile with a rod and pour water down the holes using a watering can.
Compost may be finished. If it looks dark and crumbly and smells earthly instead of moldy or rotten, it's probably ready.
3. Compost temperature is
persistently high
The composting mass is big enough, it is acting as an insulator to prevent heat loss, causing uneven break down.
Use a stick to bring material from the outside of the drum into the center and rotate.
4. Compost is damp and warm only in the center   Heap is too small and fill the drum.   Gather more materials
5. Nothing is happening   You were daydreaming while reading this material.   Read the material again.

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