Soil Contains Humus Increases Nutrient Holding Capacity.
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The Natural Solution
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                  Across the world, many countries have now restricted or banned grass clippings, leaves and  lawn  waste from landfill dumping sites. The homeowner is responsible for finding a way to properly dispose of these materials. Composting is the natural choice for the environmentally garden owner.

                Soil should be alive with million of microorganism which make complete the nitrogen cycle and move air and water through the soil. All of these activities are essential for healthy plant life. Microorganisms are in abundance when the soil contains rich, high - grade humus. This humus is compost made from the ordinary lawn, garden and kitchen waste. The benefits from composting are that plants and vegetables show greater stress resistance, the soil texture is improved, the available nutrients are stabilized, the weed seed and pathogens are destroyed through the heating cycle, and  beneficial microorganisms and soil fauna are supplied in abundance. The use of composted material increases water retention, drainage, nutrients holding capacity and accelerates nutrients release rates.

To be a successfully in composting, you have to understand the following factors:

  1. The basic process that organic materials go through to produce compost.
  2. Some effort is required.
  3. It takes willingness to experiment.
  4. No matter what you do, or how many mistakes you make. You are probably going to produce good, usable compost.

              Unlike natural humus, when synthetic fertilizing chemical are added to the soil, there can be devastating consequences. The soil that was once alive with activity is slowly killed by the harmful chemicals. The environment suffers as well, creating a health threat to families with toxic fertilizers are herbicides, and polluting our ground water, river, lakes and streams.


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