Bactizyme Liquefy Clog Drain Line and Grease Trap Problems.
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The Natural Solution
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Commercial kitchens drain line and grease trap from hotels, resorts, food complexes, school, industrial and factory cafeterias, restaurants, bakeries, delicatessens, ice cream and butcher shops have a very real concern about the maintenance of their drain lines and grease traps: Stopped up plumbing can cause a disaster! It can cause flooding, stop work flow, contaminated food, odors that alter the taste of foods, and jeopardize the sanitary condition of the entire facility. Money and hours of hard work must go into cleaning, sanitizing and restoring the facility.

Preventive Maintenance with Bacti-Zyme® treatment program can greatly reduce the risk of such a disaster. The goal of Bacti-Zyme® treatment program is to reduce the frequency of clog drain line and grease traps pump-outs. At the same time, the program will provide better results at less cost than the local roto-rooter man and grease trap services.

Clog drain line and sewer clogs

Just about any drain line and sink will become clogged if a roll of paper toweling is stuffed into it. But this is not a normal occurrence! Clog drain lines are caused by things that shouldn't clog -- a clump of cold mashed potatoes or beet tops or meat trimmings. Why is this?

The answer can be discovered by looking into a drain line or sewer pipe. When the drain line is new, it has an inside opening the full diameter of the pipe (4 inches for many drain lines). Over time, bits of food and grease cling to the walls of the drain. As this normal accumulation "builds, it slowly closes up the drain. Eventually, enough accumulation will build up to reduce the effective pipe size to a fraction of what it should be. Our 4 inch pipe will easily handle a clump of cold mashed potatoes, but when it has been closed up to only 2 inches, the potatoes can cause a clog.

You can see then, that we can prevent most clog drain line simply by maintaining the drain line as its maximum diameter. To do this, we need to introduce Bacti-Zyme® into the drain line. The bacteria/enzyme will become established within the accumulation on the walls of the pipe. They grow and reproduce in this layer of organic matter, while continuously carrying on their normal digestion process. The bacteria digest the organic layer, just as they digest any organic matter wherever they find it.

After sufficient time, the bacteria/enzyme will digest most of the organic matter that has accumulated on the walls of the pipe. We realize that they will never clean it down to bare metal or plastic, and that there will always be a thin layer of organic accumulation on the walls of the pipe, but occasional application of Bacti-Zyme® will keep bacteria/enzyme present in the line to continuously digest organic matter that might cling to the walls of the pipe.

Thus, our bacteria have opened the sewer pipe up to its maximum diameter, and the next lump of cold mashed potatoes that comes along will pass through easily -- without causing a clog!

Grease Trap Problem

The wall of the drain line are intentionally made smooth, to inhibit the accumulation of organic matter as much as possible. On the other hand, the sole purpose of a grease trap is to catch and hold the grease, and prevent it from traveling down the drain line into the main sewer lines.

Thus, a grease trap fills up with grease because it is doing its job properly. It has stopped and held the grease, preventing it from reaching the sewer treatment plant. While this makes the treatment plant operator happy, it is little consolation to the person who has to pay good money to have the grease pumped out of the trap!

It is very important that we remember the purpose of the grease trap. If we try to get rid of the grease with a product that simply flushes the grease out into the sewer line, we have defeated the whole purpose of the grease trap. On the other hand, the bacteria we add with Bacti-Zyme® actually digest the grease turning it into harmless water and carbon dioxide with their biological digestion process. They do not defeat the purpose of the trap. They work in harmony with the grease trap.

When we add bacteria to the grease trap, they become established within the layers of grease that float on the top of the walls and baffles in the grease trap. They live and reproduce there some are not flushed away with the flow of water -- and are always present to continuously digest more grease as it come along.

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