Microtack Bacti-Zyme Drain Line and Grease Trap Maintenance.
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Drain Lines and Grease Trap Maintenance

Kitchen drain line and grease trap cleaner

Bacti-Zyme® drain line and grease trap cleaner will incrementally break down organic build up in restaurant kitchen drain lines, grease trap systems and odor control in an environmentally sound manner in all restaurants kitchen drain lines and grease traps including hotels, resorts, spa, club house, hospitals, food complexes, department store food plaza, airports, fast food, ice cream, bakeries, donuts, and all restaurant kitchen drain lines and grease traps systems.

Bacti-Zyme® drain line and grease trap cleaner contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria. The enzyme complex acts to break down the organic material into water-soluble nutrients. The selected bacteria digest the released nutrients, multiply and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire restaurant drain lines and grease trap systems under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

• Reduces offensive odor in drain line and grease traps environment.
• Liquefies organic build-up in slow running drain line.
• Prevents drain and sewer line blockage.
• Ensures free flowing drain line.
• Reduces grease trap pumping-out.
• Restores natural beneficial bacteria in drain line and grease traps.
• Extremely economical to use.
• Accelerates and speed up the liquefying process.
• No residue, environmental friendly and safer to use than harsh chemicals.

Product Specifications:
Bacti-Zyme® contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria to degrade all the principle organic constituents normally found in drain line and grease trap systems.

Restaurant kitchen drain lines application:
A restaurant drain line treatment program is quite simple, but must be followed religiously for the best results. The first step is to survey the kitchens to note all sink drain line, floor drain line, dishwasher drain line, and garbage disposals. The treatment program will consist of putting Bacti-Zyme® into each drain at the end of the day.

Dissolve 100 grams of Bacti-Zyme® formula with 20 liter of lukewarm water, sufficient for 20-30 meter of main drain lines; spread the solution into every sinks, branches, P trap and U trap and all around the kitchen area, repeat daily until drain runs free. Bacti-Zyme® should be used during the longest period of non-use, generally at close of the day.

In multi-level applications, it is recommended that Bacti-Zyme® be applied at the lowest level first. Start at the bottom or end of the system, wait several days, and move up the system from floor to floor or from section to section as appropriate. This is to avoid the waste materials washed away might cause problems in the lower portion of the system, unless this portion is already cleared.

Grease trap application:
Initial treatment of any grease trap systems should be four times the volume of Bacti-Zyme® required for normal preventative maintenance. As a general rule, normal preventative maintenance is 100 ppm of Bacti-Zyme® per day, determined by the total weight of the wastewater in the grease trap system.

Example: In a 1 cum3 grease trap systems, multiply 1 cum3 by 1,000 liter/cum3 by 1 kg per liter by 100 parts and divided by 1 000 000. This equals 100 g of Bacti-Zyme® per day to be used for normal preventative maintenance treatment.

1 cum3 x 1 000 liter/cum3 x 1 kg/l  x 100 parts = 100 g/day

                           1000 000 
Physical characteristics:
Appearance: Medium tan, free flowing powder with fermented odor.
Effective temperature: Min. 10, - 60 °C
Effective pH range: Min. 4 - 10
Shelf life: Min. 2 years
Do not use in the presence of acids or caustics.

Storage condition:
For optimal shelf life, the product is best stored in cool areas under 38 °C. Do not direct in sunlight. Keep container tightly closed when the product is not being removed the container.

See above storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Package size:
500 grams per bottle, 12, 32 bottles per carton and 40 kilogram drum.

Private labeling is also available.

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