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The Natural Solution
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How Do Enzymes Function?
How Are Enzymes Named?
Where Do Enzymes Come From?
How Are Enzymes Produced?
Activity and Stability of Enzymes?

How Are Microbial Enzyme Produced and Labeled?

Microbial enzymes are manufactured by growing the microbial cells under specialized conditions so that these cells produce their maximal amount of active enzymes. It is important to control environmental conditions during productions so that a high percentage of these active catalysts are preserved intact.

After the microbial cells have finished growing and producing their enzymes, they may be inactivated and harvested along with the enzymes, or the material may be process in variuos ways in order to reach several stages of purificatory of the enzymes. Where other concerns, like solubility or spray ability of  the final enzyme containing product enter, the use of a semi-purified soluble or extracted, soluble products are desirable.

Depending upon the products' degree of processing and selectivity of enzymes contained, the products are listed as follows in the ingredients statements:

Dried _________________ Fermentation Extract
Dried _________________ Fermentation Soluble
Dried _________________ Fermentation Product
Liquid ________________ Fermentation Product

The scientific name of the microorganism used to produce the enzymatic ingredient would be substituted for the blank provided. The AFFCO Official Publication specifies that enzyme activity will be guaranteed for those products that represent themselves as having enzyme activity.


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