Biozyme Efficiently Reduces Bod Cod SS of Your Wastewater.
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The Natural Solution
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Common Question about Biozyme®

Are you forced to pay sewer surcharges because your waste has a very high BOD/COD content?
Biozyme® can make your pre-treatment process work quickly and more efficiently to reduce BOD/COD of your wastewater. This will reduce or even eliminate the surcharges you pay to your local sewer authority.

Do your neighbors complain about foul odors from your treatment ponds?
Bad odors and sludge accumulations take months and years to build-up, and it will take some time to get rid of it. Begin the treatment program with double dosage for the first one month. After this start-up period, you will begin to see significant improvement, and you can cut back to the normal weekly dose. Biozyme® are highly effective at permanent eliminating odors caused by your treatment process. Severe accumulation of sludge may take more than to eliminate.

Are you using deodorizers and perfumes that give you only temporary relief at best?
Why pay such a high price for deodorizes when they provide only temporary relief, and often don't work at all in the hot summer? Biozyme® offers you permanent odor elimination and so much more, for a lot less money.

Are your ponds filling up with sludge, decreasing your capacity and reducing retention times?
Heavy accumulations of sludge are expensive to degrade and dispose of, and new ponds cost a fortune these days. Use the natural disposal process that will give you sure results year after year.

Are your seeking a miracle cure for your waste water disposal problems?
Biozyme® can't offer you overnight miracles. They can, however, provide all the benefits that modern science has to offer. The results may seem like a miracle to you - if you give your system the time and attention it needs. These scientific miracles take several weeks or months to occur, but the results will astound you.

Where do I add Biozyme®into my system and how much?
Dry Biozyme® should be activated by mixing them in bucket of luke warm (NOT HOT) water for several minutes before adding. Pour slurry into the system at the point where normal flow will disperse it evenly. The best way is to pour it into the waste stream inside the plant, or just before it flows out into the pond. If this is not possible, pour it directly into the treatment system, or around the perimeter.

If the bacteria grow and re-produce, why do I have to re-treat with more Biozyme® everyday or every week?
The bacteria in Biozyme® are very efficient at digesting waste, many times faster than naturally occurring bacteria. However, they are not as "strong" as the natural bacteria that may be present in the waste. If the treatment is stopped, the natural occurring bacteria are undesirable because they work slowly, produce odors, and can be pathogenic.


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