Biozyme Food Processing Wastewater Treatment.
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Food processing wastewater treatment

Biozyme Food Processing Wastewater Treatment

• Reduces BOD, COD and SS in final effluent of food wastewater treatment systems.
• Rapid recovery time from upsets.
• Improves settling of floc formation in the final clarifier.
• Improves waste degradation of specific target compounds.
• Increases the wastewater treatment systems capacity.
• Enable to absorb the shock of toxic influent.
• Enhances the stability of wastewater treatment systems.
• Enhances odor control through natural organic acid oxidation.
• Environmental friendly, biodegradable component for broader activity spectrum.

Customs formulation available upon request....

Biozyme® is used in improving the efficacy and odor control in a variety of industries including food processing, meat processing, abattoir, slaughterhouse, poultry, dough, bakeries, noodles, frozen, canneries and all facilities which generate organic contaminated wastewater treatment facilities.

Product Specifications:
Biozyme® contains powerful waste digesting enzymes, essential nutrients and specifically selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria. The enzyme complex acts to break down the organic material into water-soluble nutrients. The selected bacteria digest the released nutrients, multiply and produce more enzymes to continue cleaning the entire waste systems.

Direction for use and application rate:
Initial treatment of any waste system should be four times the volume of Biozyme® required for normal preventative maintenance. As a general rule, normal preventative maintenance is 2 ppm of Biozyme® per day, determined by the total weight of the wastewater in the system.

Example: In a 100 cum3 food processing wastewater treatment plant systems, multiply 100 cum3 by 1,000 liter/cum3 by 1 kg per liter by 2 parts and devided by 1,000,000. This equals 200 g of Biozyme® per day to be used for normal preventative maintenance treatment.

100 cum3 x 1,000 liter/cum3 x 1 kg/l x 2 parts = 200 g/day 


Flow rate can also be used to determine the volume of Biozyme® required for normal preventative maintenance. Calculate the weight of the total organic contaminated wastewater flowing into the waste treatment system and add 5 to 10 ppm of Biozyme® by weight. During normal maintenance program, the point of application should be in an area which allows the product the maximum time in the system

These normal preventative maintenance rates are based upon:
• BOD ranges of 250 to 500 mg/l
• Minimum retention of 1 day.
• pH of 6.5 to 7.5
• Maximum water depth of 3 meters
• Negative effects on biological growth rates are possible in the presence of varying concentrations of heavy metal in the mix liquor solution. i.e. mercury, hexavalent chromium and inorganic cyanide wastes.

Physical characteristics:
Appearance: Medium tan, free flowing powder with fermented odor.
Effective temperature: Min. 10, - 60 °C
Effective pH range: Min. 5.0 - 9.0
Effective dissolve oxygen (DO): Min. 2, Max. 3
Carbon/Nitrogen: Min. 10:1, Max. 20:1
Shelf life: Min. 2 years
Do not use in the presence of acids or caustics.

Storage condition:
For optimal shelf life, the product is best stored in cool areas under 38 °C. Do not direct in sunlight. Keep container tightly closed
when the product is not being removed the container.

See above storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Package size
500 grams per bottle, 12, 32 bottles per carton and 40 kilogram drum.

Private labeling is also available.

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