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Bac-Zyme Industrial Waste Digester

Industrial Wastes Evaluation Form
Name of Company :
Location :
Contact Person :
Address :
Phone :
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Operating Hours :
Type of Company :
What process is adding organic waste into the wastewater?
Describe waste water treatment problems (from Major to Minor)
What are the characteristics of the wastewater?
Waste Water Flow Rate/Day :
Peak Times of Flow :
Time of Minimal Flow :
Retention Time :
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) :
pH :
Average Temperature :
Total Suspended Solids :
Primary Polluting Components)
Heavy Metals or other toxic waste present? What and How Much?
Is color a problem? What is the colorant?
Please list areas where aeration is currently being utilized?(lagoons, digesters, etc,)
What are the effluent quality requirements?
What is the design capacity of your plant?
All questions that are applicable to your own situation will be used only to evaluate your special requirements. All information is treated confidentially and all recommendations will be made without obligation. DO NOT include samples of wastewater without contacting technical service department for sampling guidelines and needs, shipping instructions, and packaging requirements.
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