How Bacteria and Enzymes Work To Digest Organic Wastes.
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How bacteria and enzymes work to digest organic wastes?

The following discussion outlines the biological process. This process is responsible for the digestion of organic waste, no matter where it occurs. With minor variations, this same process digest waste in:

Aquaculture, Agriculture, Composting, Livestock, Municipal, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment


Bacterial digestion is the process of bacteria, consuming organic matter. Enzymes act to break the organic matter into water soluble nutrients, which the bacteria digest. Using complex chemical reactions, the organic waste is metabolized down to water and carbon dioxide (the final metabolic waste products), providing the bacteria with energy for growth and reproduction. It may be simply shown by the following equation:


Organic waste + water -----Enzyme----> water soluble nutrients + oxygen ----Bacteria---> water + carbon dioxide


Organic waste + Water ------Enzyme------->Water Soluble Nutrients -----Bacteria---> Water + Carbon Dioxide

Simple Chemical Equation

Organic waste is consumed by the bacteria, used as nutrients by the bacteria, and is no longer present to produce odors, sludge, pollution, or unsightly mess.


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