Microtack Enzymes is a Chemical Catalysts (Hydrolytic Reaction).
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How enzymes aid in digestion?

              An enzyme is a chemical catalyst that breaks up long, complex waste molecules (Hydrolytic Reaction) into smaller pieces, which can then be digested directly by the bacteria.

              Enzymes are simply chemicals - they are not living  things, and they cannot grow or reproduce themselves. Enzymes are manufactured by bacteria, and used by the bacteria in order to digest waste. The enzymes that are mixed into the products are actually produced by special  bacteria, extracted from them in dry form, and blended into the mixture.

              Enzyme are added to help them go to work faster. When added to the organic waste, the enzymes immediately go to work breaking down the waste into water - soluble nutrients for the bacteria to digest. The enzymes break the large, complex molecules of starches, proteins, carbohydrates, and cellulose into smaller, simpler pieces. These enzymes act like chemical "knives", chopping the large molecules of waste into smaller pieces of water - soluble nutrients for the bacteria. The growing bacteria will then start to produce more enzymes on their own, creating a continuing cycle of enzyme production.


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