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Ornamental Ponds Problems

The ultimate goal of every aquarium, ornamental pond and water gardening hobbyist is to have a sparkling crystal clear pond water, free from high toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate accumulation in order to keep their fish vibrant, coloration, healthy and makes them more attractive in pond environment and water gardening.

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Poor water quality stresses the fish, which causes their immune systems to be less effective against the ever present disease with pathogens organisms. Many ponds enthusiasts have tried every biofiltrations, pumps and aeration devices under the sun thinking that these alone will resolve their turbidity and green water problems.

A natural solution that is not often mentioned is the addition of biological additives (Bioaugmentation) to the aquatic eco-system. Bioaugmentation is the process of adding natural bacteria enzyme having the ability to degrade organic matter, left over feed and capable of producing high concentration of enzymes, reduce ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and hydrogen sulfide accumulations through a natural oxidative process. By increasing and balancing the biologically activity in the pond eco-system, the problem of organic wastes which cause murky water and green water can be liquefied, digested and even eliminated. A good biofiltration system in conjunction with Microtack® products will produce a healthier probiotic pond environment for fish and aquatic plants.


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