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Microtack® Bio-Balances is a liquid fermentation product, which are of the type to help facilitate and balances the nitrification and denitrification process, thereby creating a safe, healthy probiotic pond environment. Microtack® Bio-Balances effectively reduces green water, string algae, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and other nutrients load commonly found in ornamental ponds, water gardening, fresh and salt water aquarium fish tanks.

• Natural treatment of green water & string algae problems in ornamental pond and water gardening.
• Improves sparkling crystal clear pond and improves transparency of pond water.
• Liquefies dead cell of string algae (green water) and left over feed.
• Speeds up the natural process of waste degradation.
• Naturally reduces ammonia, nitrite and nitrate accumulation through natural oxidation.
• Works great in ornamental ponds, water gardening, fresh & salt water aquarium fish tank.
• Safe and beneficial for fish and aquatic plant.
• No residue and environmental friendly component for broader activity spectrum.

Direction for use and application rate:
Initially for green water and string algae treatment:
Apply 25 cc of Microtack® Bio-Balances formula per 1,000 liter of pond water.

Apply 10 cc of Microtack® Bio-Balances per 1,000 liter per week of pond water, spread the solution around the entire surface of the pond or direct into the biofiltration system.

Apply 5-10 cc of Microtack® Bio-Balances per 100 liter of tank water.

Check for ammonia, nitrite, alkalinity frequently to determine the correct regularly routine dosages.

Physical characteristics:
Appearance: Liquid amber with fermented odor.
Effective temperature: Min. 10, - 60 °C
Effective pH range: Min. 4 - 10
Optimal pH range: 6.5 - 8.5
Shelf life: Min. 2 years

Storage condition:
For optimal shelf life, the product is best stored in cool areas under 38°C. Do not direct in sunlight. Keep container tightly closed when the product is not being removed from the container.

See above storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Package size:
1 kg per bottle, 6 bottles per carton, 30 kg, 100 kg and 220 kg drum.

Private labeling is also available.

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