Microtack Liquid Nitrifying Bacteria (Nitrifier).
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Nitrifying bacteria (Nitrifier bacteria)

Microtack® 22 L Nitrifier bacteria is designed to provide a biological oxidation of ammonia in fish tank and prawn / shrimp hatchery pond . Nitrification is the biological or biochemical process in which ammonia is oxidized to nitrite, and nitrite oxidized to nitrate and requires low BOD/COD levels in high dissolve oxygen concentrations.

Microtack® 22 L Nitrifier bacteria is a liquid  fermentation product of Nitrobacter spp., Nitrosomonas spp., and other facultative naturally occurring bacteria, which are of the type to help facilitate nitrification/denitrification process under certain conditions that may occur in fish tank and shrimp hatchery situations. It helps reduces ammonia and nitrite efficiently and economically sound.

Product Specifications:
Microtack® 22 L Nitrifier bacteria contains selected Nitrobacter spp., Nitrosomonas spp., waste digesting enzymes and specially selected strains of enzymes producing bacteria.

Direction for use and application rate:
Apply 10 cc of Microtack® 22 L Nitrifier bacteria formula with 10 liter of pond water, sufficient for 1,000 liter of pond water; spread the solution around the entire surface of the pond.

Diluted form is subject to be use within 30 minutes of mixing.  It is very IMPORTANT to use  Microtack® 22 L Nitrifier bacteria EXACTLY AS DIRECTED. The application rate can be adjusted between 10 to 20 cc per 1,000 liter of pond water, depending upon organic accumulated from the hatchery pond ecosystem.

Physical characteristics:
Appearance: Ambor liquid with fermented odor.
Effective temperature: Min. 10, - 60 °C
Effective pH range: Min. 4 - 10
Optimal pH range: 6.6 - 8.2
Shelf life: Min. 2 years
Do not use in the presence of acids or caustics.

Storage condition:
For optimal shelf life, the product is best stored in cool areas under 38°C. Do not direct in sunlight. Keep container tightly closed when the product is not being removed from the container.

See above storage conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Package size:
1liter per bottle, 6 bottles per carton, 30, 100, and 200 liter poly drum.

Private labeling is also available.

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