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Microtack® products are manufactured from a unique solid state fermentation (SSF) process of selected cultures of beneficial bacteria and fungi.


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All strains of microorganisms that are manufactured produces high concentration of hydrolytic enzymes. Throughout this bulletin, the term "microbial enzyme product" will be used to denote a combination product of enzymes plus these special strains of microorganisms or "seed cultures".

Enzymes are often referred to as "hydrolytic organic catalysts". In addition to having a technical sound, "hydrolytic organic catalyst" is a term that accurately describes the function and characteristics of these degradative enzymes. These products have also been called "bioaugmentation" products. Enzymes are basically proteins which act to speed up various biochemical reactions without being changed themselves. Since they are proteins, enzymes are subject to the conditions that often affect proteins. They are very useful hydrolytic organic catalysts. They are an essential building block in nature's scheme.

Since enzymes are biochemically active compounds and may be principally made up of proteins, they are sensitive to environment conditions, some enzymes are more sensitive than others. Some enzymes are extremely stable and may even be boiled in water without completely losing their activity. Traditionally those enzymes produced by the genus of bacteria known as the Bacillus (which is comprised of rod shaped bacteria) are reasonably stable and are well suited for various types of industry use. However, all enzymes are sensitive in some degree of temperature.

Since enzymes as well as beneficial bacteria are affected by heat and environmental factors in varying degrees, it is best to take whatever precautions that are practical in the storage and transport these products to ensure maximum activity is retained. Microtack® products SHOULD NOT be stored as follows:
1. In direct sunlight.
2. In enclosed truck bodies or metal buildings, unless adequate ventilation is present.
3. In areas where toxic or oxidizing vapors are present.
4. In areas where extremely high humidity or moisture contacts the products.
5. In other areas where constant high temperature is encountered.

If these precautions are followed, many months of retained degradative activity are assured.

Since the enzymes are most active at warm (not hot!!) temperatures, and since seed microorganisms are most active in this range also, the maximum effectiveness can be expected during warmer conditions. To allow the active components of microbial enzyme to operate with the most effectiveness, their addition to a waste treatment system should coincide with a time of minimal flow through the system. This allows the waste degraders the most time to act on the organic wastes. It is also much better to ensure that these products are used in a regular program of routine maintenance.

Microtack® microbial enzyme products have the ability to act as a microbial seed. This allows the bacteria contained in products to multiply within a waste treatment system. As these process continue to produce more degradative enzymes, thus multiplying the original product's effectiveness in preventing occlusions, attacking organic impediments, and degrading organic wastes.

Microtack® microbial enzyme products will not by themselves directly eliminate BOD or COD in a waste system. BOD and COD are a measure of oxygen needed to biologically stabilize a given lot of wastewater. Therefore, these are rough measurements of the concentration of degradable waste or polluting substances present. Microtack® microbial enzyme products can, however, help a waste treatment system to reach a level of high treatment efficiency and thus help the system to eliminate BOD as rapidly as possible from a wastewater flow. These products can help to liquefy solids and re-establish beneficial micro flora in a biological waste treatment system. Some misinformed people have argued that, because many wastes have naturally high bacteria counts, to add a small number of specific micro flora to a treatment system may not be very useful. However, these individuals have failed to recognize the fact the industrially significant, specially selected and acclimated strains of microorganisms supplied in Microtack® microbial enzyme products produce millions of times the levels of organic digesting catalysts produced by wild type of microorganisms found naturally in various waste. Therefore, a relatively small seed of these superior microbes can significant affect the overall activity of a waste holding, conveying, or treating facility.

Microtack® microbial enzyme concentrates offer an environmentally sound approach to the effective control of organic wastes when used along with good mechanical and design management principals. By using these products in the most effective manner possible, they offer an economically viable way of assuring the optimal efficiency of biological waste treatment and conveying systems. Microtack® fermentation products are backed by over 10 years of experience and active participation in the waste treatment industry. It is the philosophy of Microtack® that consistency outstanding products at reasonable prices can continue to aid people and equipments in the waste treatment fields when that are sensibly integrated into a good routine maintenance program.


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